Computer keyboard

How to Choose Your Computer Keyboard

How to Choose Your Computer Keyboard

Keyboard: use, compare and choose your computer keyboard

Among the various computer peripherals are:

  • The computer screen.
  • The mouse.
  • The PC camera.
  • The printer.
  • The USB key.
  • The external hard drive.
  • The computer keyboard allows you to enter data.

Computer keyboard: how it works in different countries

The computer keyboard is the heir of the typewriters. It is a set of keys that work electronically or optically.

Each key is marked with letters, numbers, symbols, or images to know what the keys correspond to.

The keyboard transmits commands to the computer, like the mouse.

Computer keyboard: four standards according to languages

The Iso 1995 standard governs the configuration of keyboards.

Then, the keyboards have the particularity to be different according to the languages but also the countries, so we find :

   – AZERTY: for French-speaking countries, with differences in layout from one country to another, as between France and Belgium,

   – QWERTY: for English speaking countries,

   – QWERTZ: for German-speaking countries, with differences between countries like Germany and Switzerland,

   – DVORAK: optimized for English input.

The current standard is 105 keys. However, manufacturers can offer additional keys such as Internet browsing or multimedia shortcuts. You can also find 101, 102, or 104 keyboards.

The layout also varies from one operating system to another.

Apple (Mac) keyboards, for example, have a command key (Apple) and an option key (alt on PC keyboards).

Computer: wired or wireless keyboard?

There are wired keyboards with connectivity:

Computer Keyboard

   – USB,

   – PS2: not used much anymore.

But also wireless keyboards:

Computer Keyboard

   – Bluetooth: works up to 10 meters from the receiver,

   – Infrared: the keyboard should always be in direct range with the sensor.

When buying a wireless keyboard, you have to pay attention to the problem of batteries. On average, the batteries allow several months of use.

Good to know: There are wireless keyboards with batteries.

Computer keyboard: compare and choose

Here are the different points of comparison to consider when choosing a computer keyboard:

   – Comfort:

     ◦ The comfort of the keyboard is an essential point.

     ◦ Some keyboards offer devices for the wrist, allowing to rest the wrist and raise the keyboard.

   – Ergonomics:

     ◦ Ergonomics will be as important in the shape of the keyboard as in the layout of the keys.

     ◦ Some keys will also be more flexible than others.

     ◦ Classically shaped keyboards tend to disappear to make room for the more pleasant rounded, wave, or V-shaped keyboards.

   – Keyboard sturdiness:

     ◦ It’s best to check the strength of the keyboard to avoid having to replace it too soon.

     ◦ As a general rule, optical keyboards have a longer lifespan than electronic keyboards.

   – Additional gadgets: keyboards increasingly offer additional devices such as illuminated keys, screens, USB HUB, waterproof keyboards, foldable…

Computer keyboard price: from $10

Keyboard prices range from less than $10 to over $200.

Prices will vary depending on the quality of the keyboard, its brand, its design, its connectivity, the gadgets it offers, comfort, and ergonomics.

Good to know: The biggest keyboard manufacturers are Logitech and Microsoft.

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