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How to Open an Internet Line

How to Open an Internet Line

Part 1

 – Step 1: Focus on the prerequisites for opening an Internet line

 – Step 2: Define the services you want to subscribe to

Part 2

 – Step 3: Compare rates and avoid hidden fees

 – Step 4: Determine what type of network you have access to

 – Step 5: Subscribe to the Internet and install your box


Without the famous package to subscribe to among the over 600 operators’ offers on the market, your cell phone is of little use to you! With the Internet, it’s the same thing: opening an Internet line and taking out a subscription is a necessary step to access the network of your Internet service provider and all its services at home. This article will tell you how to open an Internet line.

1. Focus on the requirements for opening an Internet line

To access the Internet, you will need three things. You probably already have the first two, the most important ones:

 – To begin with, you need to own a computer or tablet. PC or Mac, desktop or laptop, Android or Apple tablet, it doesn’t matter. Some accessories will be handy to enjoy the Internet optimally, such as speakers, a headset, a microphone, or a webcam.

 – The other essential element is the telephone line. Indeed, to be connected to the Internet, you need a communication channel to the outside. This channel goes through your telephone line without interfering with your telephone communications.

 – To allow your computer to access the Internet, you must take out a subscription with an Internet operator. Three aspects characterize an Internet subscription: the services and the box provided, the subscription fee, and the technology used (ADSL, cable, or fiber optic). When you take out an Internet subscription, you will receive the equipment and cables needed to connect, particularly a box to connect to the telephone socket: this is called a “box”. The box then allows the computer to connect to the Internet via a cable or Wi-Fi (wireless connection). Each operator has its box and sometimes offers several packages and different services sets.

Wi-Fi is now widely used to connect your laptop to the Internet without the requirement of a wire. How do you do it? By using special waves. The “box” connected to the telephone line emits these waves, and the computer, equipped with a receiver that receives them, can thus access the Internet.

Nowadays, Wi-Fi has become essential, mainly if you use a laptop or several computers at home, because being free of wires in this type of configuration changes everything! It is even essential if you have a Wi-Fi tablet. Finally, if you have a smartphone, you can use your Wi-Fi connection at home, which is faster than the 3G/4G/5G connection offered by the telephone operators. Of course, security systems allow each box owner to prevent other computers from accessing their Internet via Wi-Fi.

2. Define the services you want to subscribe to

Choose your services and box.

How to Open an Internet Line

Boxes are the connection boxes given by the Internet operators at the subscription time. In addition to their capacity to connect your computer to the Internet, they centralize many other tools, such as access to unlimited telephony or television channels, once plugged into your telephone socket. All boxes are now compatible with Wi-Fi.

In addition to the Internet connection, the boxes provide many services. Here is what the majority of them offer at the moment:

 – Telephony: the boxes serve as telephone boxes. They allow you to free yourself from the subscription and make unlimited free calls with your simple phone, in the local territory and sometimes even abroad.

 – Mobile telephony: some cell phone operators who have their box now offer “all-inclusive” packages that include the cell phone subscription! This solution can be very economical in the long run but requires dealing with only one operator.

 – Television: most boxes connect to the television to give access to new TV or radio channels, as well as to video-on-demand services. Some boxes replace your TV set-top box or your TV dish to give you access to encrypted channels or satellite channels!

 – Digital recording: the boxes allow you to record television digitally, using the box that connects to the television, a bit like a computer! No more tedious programming of the VCR or DVD recorder.

Therefore, the boxes are “communication centers” giving access to all sorts of services, but beware: some are free, others are not… You sometimes have to add a few dollars per month to the subscription price for each of them, which can increase the price significantly!

The little extras that can make the difference

In addition to the basic services provided by the boxes, the operators try to set themselves apart by the services they provide. These little extras can make all the difference! Here are some examples:

 – free home installation, guaranteed installation time, access to assistance or free troubleshooting;

 – reimbursement of termination fees from your former operator;

 – access to Wi-Fi outside the house, in public places;

 – access to television on the computer;

 – free or discounted downloads of music, videos, or video games.

Find out more and compare the offers! If one of these services is essential for you, it may justify the operator’s choice in question.

Stay connected! We’ll tell you more in part 2

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