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Debunking 4 Popular Myths About Laptops

There is a lot of myths on the internet today and we tend to take some of them as facts when they aren’t. Technology is evolving alongside us, and now, more than ever, especially after the last 2 years, we have become dependent on our laptops for both work and entertainment purposes. My laptop, at […]

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Top 6 Simple Tips For Choosing The Perfect laptop

Buying a laptop can be a real hassle; it’s a universal struggle at this point. With so many brands and options out there, we are easily confused, and let’s not forget that technical jargon that half of us don’t even understand.  Laptops come in all shapes and sizes and have varying memory and processing capability […]

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How to make your old laptop look like new again

Do you remember how it felt when you took your laptop out of the box for the first time? It smelled new and looked new, but unfortunately, a laptop doesn’t last forever; it lasts three to five years. It can run a little longer if you have taken great care of it. But, I can […]

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Why Should You Not Buy Cheap Electronics?

Electronics are no more cheap; a MacBook Air will cost you up to 1000 dollars, the same as an iPhone 13 Pro or the new Galaxy Z Flip 3. Even devices that don’t cost a thousand dollars—like AirPods or the Apple Watch – are still on the pricey side. It’s no surprise that there are […]

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How Do I Take Good Care of My Personal Laptop Computer?

While it may seem somewhat counterproductive, it’s perfectly possible to go green with your laptop without blowing your budget! With a few simple adjustments and steps, you can turn your energy-hungry machine into a more efficient and environmentally friendly one. Do laptops have to stay plugged or unplugged while in use? What’s the best way […]

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How to Pick the Best Gaming Laptop

It can be hard to know where to start when choosing a new gaming laptop. There is a range of features to consider, including the display, form factor, battery life and of course, the components powering it all. Upgrading a gaming laptop with new hardware is not usually feasible, so it is essential to plan […]