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Debunking 4 Popular Myths About Laptops

There is a lot of myths on the internet today and we tend to take some of them as facts when they aren’t. Technology is evolving alongside us, and now, more than ever, especially after the last 2 years, we have become dependent on our laptops for both work and entertainment purposes. My laptop, at […]

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4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Work Laptop

Buying a work laptop can be quite a headache; it’s a universal struggle at this point, especially after the last 2 years when most of us have had to finish college and start a job at home and use our own laptop. We’re easily confused with so many brands and options, not to mention the […]

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4 Tips To Make Your New Laptop Perform Better

Just bought a new laptop? Can’t wait to get started? So you went ahead and bought a new laptop for work, did you? Or maybe you got one as a gift to help you through college? Before you start downloading and streaming, check out this quick list of essential things to do ahead of time- […]

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Top 6 Simple Tips For Choosing The Perfect laptop

Buying a laptop can be a real hassle; it’s a universal struggle at this point. With so many brands and options out there, we are easily confused, and let’s not forget that technical jargon that half of us don’t even understand.  Laptops come in all shapes and sizes and have varying memory and processing capability […]

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The Top 3 Gadgets That Every College Student Needs

College is one of the first times in most of our life where we get to live on our own, which means that we no longer have the safety net that was our parents. Most of us have to fend for ourselves and take student loans, and get scholarships to get ourselves through this journal. […]

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The Best VR-Ready Laptops of 2022

What an incredible moment to be alive in the virtual world. While the COVID-19 has kept us all trapped inside much longer than we’d want, VR has stepped in and provided us with an opportunity to explore without ever leaving our homes. Immersive environments, natural movement, and sensations unique to VR gaming are available in […]

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Five Ways to Make Your Speakers Last Longer

Compared to powered and active loudspeakers, passive loudspeakers have no built-in technical limitations. They will not be rendered outdated by any new wireless protocol or firmware upgrade. A decent set of passive loudspeakers may last a lifetime, one of their best features. You will do the same in 30 years if you purchase new passive […]

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What Apple Is Preparing For 2022

Apple surprises us each year with new designs, new technology, always more innovation. The MacBook Pro 2021 was undoubtedly one of the most thrilling items of the year. Apple fully revamped it, added a slew of nostalgic features, and outfitted it with the company’s most powerful processor.   As a result, people’s expectations for the next […]

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Best 2021 Apps According To Apple

It’s almost the end of 2021, and Apple has announced the 2021 App Store Awards winners, as usual. These honors are given to applications chosen by Apple’s editorial team for “delivering excellent quality, innovative technology, creative design, and positive cultural effect.” We’ve compiled a list of award winners for each of Apple’s five major devices: […]

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How to make your old laptop look like new again

Do you remember how it felt when you took your laptop out of the box for the first time? It smelled new and looked new, but unfortunately, a laptop doesn’t last forever; it lasts three to five years. It can run a little longer if you have taken great care of it. But, I can […]