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How to make your old laptop look like new again

Do you remember how it felt when you took your laptop out of the box for the first time? It smelled new and looked new, but unfortunately, a laptop doesn’t last forever; it lasts three to five years. It can run a little longer if you have taken great care of it. But, I can assure you that it is better to buy a new laptop after that lapse of time because it will be very slow afterward.

In this article, we will help you get a “fresh out of the box” performance so it can last for another year or two. Don’t sit there in despair and watch your laptop get slower and slower. Try these tips, and it will feel like new again…. somehow.

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How to make your old laptop look like new again

The clutter

There’s a big difference between your laptop then and your laptop now and I am not talking about the way it looks. You’ve installed lots of programs, uploaded lots of photos and videos, and I probably don’t need to mention that these things take up a lot of space and slow down your laptop performance.

I will advise you to take some time, go through your applications and uninstall the ones you don’t need. Stick to the essentials, believe me, and your laptop will be able to breathe.

There are several laptop cleaning software out there; once you find a good one, it can help you clean up the mess on your computer. These applications can also detect duplicate applications or media files, for example. If you are not sure which software to use, you can search for reviews online.

Hard disk drive

You should take a look at your hard drive: Is it about to fill up? Most extra hard drives are used to store data that is not needed, so the more storage space you have, the better.

You can buy a solid-slate hard drive; it’s faster and it is one of the best ways to speed up your computer.

Use your built-in tools

Windows and macOS have developed a lot of built-in apps that allow users to use their products without having to download a lot of extra apps. As an example, I’ve already mentioned decluttering software; Windows and macOS have their own. Defragmenting and optimizing your drive or Disk Cleanup will help you use your computer more easily.

With Apple, there are cleanup options on the Storage tab that can help remove files that haven’t been used for a long time and also delete movies that you’ve already watched.

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How to make your old laptop look like new again

The hard option

This is the last resort, or if you are braver, it can be the first option. Remember, this is the best and most effective solution to have a brand new laptop. It’s as simple as going back to the beginning…install a new Windows or macOS.

You may want to save all your data somewhere beforehand, or if you don’t care about losing your apps, you can skip this part.

If you have Windows, open Settings, click Update & Security, then Restore. On a Mac, you’ll need to restart your laptop, press Command + R, and then select Reinstall macOS.

Some people do this regularly, especially if they have a very old laptop. However, you need to make sure that all your important documents are safe because after doing that you cannot recover anything deleted. If you have followed all these tips and your laptop is still running slow, I would advise you to buy a new one. Let us know in the comments if you are willing to try our tips…

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