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Which Is the Best Video and Audio Playback Software

Which Is the Best Video and Audio Playback Software Summary  – Video and audio playback software: features  – Video and audio playback software: comparison  – Audio playback software: comparison table  – Video playback software: comparison of video playback software   An audio-video player software allows you to play music and videos on your computer for […]

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Spotify Premium: Top 4 Simple Reasons To Make The Switch

Spotify Premium is a must-have if you are a music lover like me and if you are anything like me, you hate silence and always have your wireless earphones on. When I got to college, I decided to make the big jump and invest in a premium Spotify account. Trust me; as a music lover […]

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The Top 3 Gadgets That Every College Student Needs

College is one of the first times in most of our life where we get to live on our own, which means that we no longer have the safety net that was our parents. Most of us have to fend for ourselves and take student loans, and get scholarships to get ourselves through this journal. […]

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The best apps to listen to music.

We all need to get our groove on in the morning; part of my morning routine is blasting my fav artist one and singing with them as if we are in a duet even though I have the voice of a crow. This makes me motivated to go to work, especially on Mondays; at this […]

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How to Listen to Online Music

Summary – Use a streaming service like Deezer or Spotify – Watch clips on YouTube – Listen to WebRadios – Explore SoundCloud Listening to music online, i.e., via the Internet, from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, is one of the favorite activities of Internet users worldwide. Today, there are many ways to listen to music […]