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The best apps to listen to music.

We all need to get our groove on in the morning; part of my morning routine is blasting my fav artist one and singing with them as if we are in a duet even though I have the voice of a crow. This makes me motivated to go to work, especially on Mondays; at this point, we are all Garfield copycats, and we hate Monday. But music can lighten up our mood and put us in a positive mindset. Thus, you need the perfect app that can meet all your needs to get ready in the morning or listen on your way to any from work or whenever you’re bored.

List of apps.

1. Spotify


This is one of the most popular music apps out there and my personal fav as it not only has music, but you can also listen to podcasts on it. It allows you to follow your favorite artist and even sync your playlist with your other devices. You can create your own music playlist that can either be public or private and you can listen to other people’s playlists.

You can search your favorite artists, their albums and even songs on it and it classifies music by views and new releases. It also allows you to save music on your personal library that you can listen to later on. You can find a playlist for literally anything there, fan of Christmas music they got you, fan of queer music and artist, Spotify has a playlist specially curated for you.

It also sens you notifications, if you want them of course, on new release from you favorite artists or when a playlist is updated. The basic version is free; you just have to sign up for it. If you want to listen to your songs, whether online or off, with no ads and download music, you must get Spotify Premium.


    • You can listen to this on any of your smart devices and can use the same account for all of them.
    • Create unlimited amount of playlists.
    • Can listen to others’ playlists easily
    • 30 days free to try Premium features


    • You are allowed only six skips an hour (basic version)
    • It shows ads (basic version)
    • You have to have an account to use it
    • Not the best sounding music app out there

2. Shazam

This is one of the coolest and most innovative music apps out there. Have you ever been in a situation where you heard a song on the radio and didn’t know its name? Well, Shazam has you covered. You can record the song you want to know on the app and it will automatically tell you the name of the song and the artist. It allows you to share your discovery, watch the music video on YouTube, and even play it on Spotify if you wish.


It also gives you background information on the artist and the song, tells you if the artist has any upcoming tours and even lets you read reviews of the song. You can also download it for free on any of your devices.


    • no ads
    • Auto Shazam listen to every song you hear unless you turn it off
    • Can identify music with one tap
    • Automatically stores every song it tags in your account


    • Provides lyrics for only some songs

3. SoundCloud


If you are a hipster, this is the perfect app for you as it has many up-and-coming artists on it. It is known as the home of emerging artists so that you can find the next popular artist on there, and you can brag that you’ve been listening to them prior to them entering the mainstream.

More than 10 hours of audio is posted on the app every minute and you can easily create playlists and share them with others. You can even buy a subscription that will get rid of ads, allow you to listen to high-quality music and listen it offline.


    • More than 120 million free tracks
    • Great UI
    • Popular among emerging artists
    • Great to find new music and artists
    • You can fast-forward through songs
    • Has some free music to download


    • Annoying pop-ups
    • Sketchy audio at times
    • Pretty difficult to find more mainstream artists

Sound off in the comment section below and tell us what your favorite app to listen to music.

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