Are Fordable Phones The New Trend?

Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a decrease in the number of smartphones sold. As many people have lost their jobs and are going through a financial crisis, smartphone manufacturers have had to come with an innovative idea to sell their products.

The first foldable smartphone was released in November 2018 by a Chinese start-up named Royole. Following this first release, in February 2019, Samsung revealed their first foldable phone called the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Since then, several phone manufacturers such as Huawei have teased foldable phones.

Foldable phones are not a new concept but they were not a success in the past; still, Samsung is trying to revive the concept once more…

More Innovative

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Foldable Phone More Innovative Than Other Phones?

While past practices involved upgrading your handset each time a new phone came out, people are becoming much more conscious about their money now. An insignificant camera upgrade won’t persuade someone to buy a new phone at $ 800; there should be a lot more innovations to show that the device is worth the money spent. 

Apple are notorious for the ‘small changes over time’ strategy , but during the pandemic, people were more financially conscious of their spending, and Apple’s tactics are beginning to fail. 

Will Users Pay as Much as $2,000 for a Phone?

Though very innovative, the Samsung new phone is very pricey. The big question is ‘will users pay $ 2000 for a phone? It is debatable whether buyers will accept to buy a phone at this high price, even with the advertised innovations. 

But whenever people see worth in a product, they often rush out to buy it irrespective of the price. Samsung is providing its users with the finest of all phones, with processing power of 1.8 GHz to 2.84 GHz, and prodigious features that leave everyone speechless. 

We are in a very technological era, and this sphere develops quickly, and prices tend to drop fast. A handset that costs you $2000 today may end up costing you half that amount down the line. Because of this, it’s often better to wait a little while before making a purchase – if you choose to even buy in the first place.

My personal thought on the new Samsung phone is that it will be more suited to creators or designers but for someone who will use the basic features of a phone, it might be better to opt for something more economical. 

The Market

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Foldable Market Is Expanding.

The phone manufacturing market especially involving foldable smartphones, will know growth of more than 20 % over the course of five years. According to several surveys carried out in the United States, citizens will mostly buy a folding phone as it is compact, has a bigger screen, and has faster performance. Though every advantage of owning foldable is on every billboard and all over social media, these phones come with many disadvantages. 

To make a phone bend, you have to make it softer than usual, so foldable phones are mostly covered by plastic which is a very vulnerable material. It is more prone to scratches as it does not have the tempered glass protection it normally has. If you push too hard on the screen, it will surely crack. And as now people are using extra glass protection to secure their phone, this option is impossible with a foldable. 

Technology is still surprising us with every new phone release, but foldable is one of the most innovative right now. Let us know in the comments if you would buy the new Samsung at $2000…. 

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