How to Choose Your Computer Software

How to Choose Your Computer Software   Contents     – Software: free or paid?     – Downloading, installing, and removing software     – Different categories of software   When you have a desktop or laptop computer, it is necessary to download software to access certain functions.  Software: free or paid? When you want to buy […]

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Top 6 Reasons To Get A PlayStation

With the glut of home gaming consoles on the market today, deciding which console is best for your needs can be challenging. The offerings continue to grow, with streaming services, PC gaming, and retro consoles and arcades making a comeback. Each option has its own advantages that make it an interesting choice, depending on your […]

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How to Delete Your Facebook Account

How to Delete Your Facebook Account Summary    – The difference between deactivating and deleting a Facebook account    – Option 1: Deactivate your Facebook account    – Option 2: Delete your Facebook account   You have a Facebook account. But you don’t want to exchange messages on this social network, nor share photos and […]


Keys to Protecting Children from Internet Pornography

Keys to Protecting Children from Internet Pornography Summary – Pornography: a danger for your children – Keys to limiting the intrusion of pornography The Internet is a wonderful invention, but the people who hang out on it are not. And for your children, that can mean exposure to pornographic, graphic, and explicit images at an […]

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Best Cooking Apps You Will Need to Succeed in the Kitchen

Concentration and passion are some of the most important things for a cook. However, let’s add “perfect recipes” to that list. Why? Because it is nearly impossible to come up with a nice dish without the right recipe. So, if you love to cook or if you are new to cooking, here are some apps you’ll […]

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How to Make a Wi-Fi Antenna

How to Make a Wi-Fi Antenna? Enjoying WiFi throughout the house and even in the garden has become one of the challenges of home connectivity. WiFi antennas are commercially available to strengthen the transmission signal. But it is also quite possible to make one yourself with some basic knowledge of DIY and connectivity. Here is […]

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6 Tips to Protect Your Computer

To protect your computer, you usually install an anti-virus program. But this is not enough! It is necessary to adopt good practices to avoid pirate traps, such as using only original programs or downloading updates. Here are 6 good habits to adopt to limit the risks of being a victim of a malicious program or […]


Website Development Process: A Complete Guide

When we talk about website structure, we are referring to the hierarchical structuring of data. When creating a website, it is recommended to develop a list of contents and organize these contents into categories in order to provide visitors with a logical, intuitive, and straightforward navigation with a set of menus and submenus. There’s no […]

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How to Protect Your PC?

How to Protect Your PC?   Summary     – Focus on the 3 types of threats to a PC     – Step 1: Check the security status of your PC and use Windows Defender     – Step 2: Install an efficient antivirus to protect your PC   With a constant connection to the Internet, any […]

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How to Secure Your Internet Connection

How to Secure Your Internet Connection Summary – Step 1: Protect your computer from malicious content and software – Step 2: Secure your Internet access Any computer connected to the Internet is, by definition, connected to the rest of the world. A permanent connection to the Internet is like a permanent door to the outside […]