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6 Tips to Protect Your Computer

To protect your computer, you usually install an anti-virus program. But this is not enough! It is necessary to adopt good practices to avoid pirate traps, such as using only original programs or downloading updates. Here are 6 good habits to adopt to limit the risks of being a victim of a malicious program or […]

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How to Protect Your PC?

How to Protect Your PC?   Summary     – Focus on the 3 types of threats to a PC     – Step 1: Check the security status of your PC and use Windows Defender     – Step 2: Install an efficient antivirus to protect your PC   With a constant connection to the Internet, any […]

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The 9 Best Antivirus Softwares for 2022

The 9 Best Antivirus Softwares for 2022 A computer antivirus is software that protects your computer against viruses, which are programs that are harmful to your computer. A virus can delete files and replace them but also recover personal information and use it in a roundabout way… Therefore, the computer antivirus can search for and […]

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6 Tips to Avoid Data Theft

The last decades have been marked by the rise of the computer and Internet world. The digitization of data (personal information of individual users, payment data of large corporations, etc.) is in the wake of this evolution. But currently, they are still exposed to several types of breaches and hacks, such as theft with heavy […]

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How to Successfully Clean Your PC

How to Successfully Clean Your PC Summary     – Step 1: Uninstall unnecessary programs     – Step 2: Use the Windows Disk Cleaner     – Step 3: Remove harmful elements when cleaning your PC     – Step 4: Lighten the list of programs that run at startup     – Step 5: Format your PC completely […]