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6 Tips to Protect Your Computer

To protect your computer, you usually install an anti-virus program. But this is not enough! It is necessary to adopt good practices to avoid pirate traps, such as using only original programs or downloading updates. Here are 6 good habits to adopt to limit the risks of being a victim of a malicious program or […]

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How to Protect Your PC?

How to Protect Your PC?   Summary     – Focus on the 3 types of threats to a PC     – Step 1: Check the security status of your PC and use Windows Defender     – Step 2: Install an efficient antivirus to protect your PC   With a constant connection to the Internet, any […]

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How to Secure Your Internet Connection

How to Secure Your Internet Connection Summary – Step 1: Protect your computer from malicious content and software – Step 2: Secure your Internet access Any computer connected to the Internet is, by definition, connected to the rest of the world. A permanent connection to the Internet is like a permanent door to the outside […]