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Which Is the Best Video and Audio Playback Software

Which Is the Best Video and Audio Playback Software


 – Video and audio playback software: features

 – Video and audio playback software: comparison

 – Audio playback software: comparison table

 – Video playback software: comparison of video playback software


An audio-video player software allows you to play music and videos on your computer for entertainment purposes. Very often, a new pc or laptop comes bloated with heavy audio-video software that makes your computer slow to start. How can you prevent that? Simple, you can download and install a new video and audio software, and you are good to go. This post will help you choose amongst the leading softwares on the market, which are most of the time free! 

 Audio-video player software: features


 The video reading software and audio reading software do not have the same functionalities; however, the software of video reading can be video and audio.

 Video player software: play videos


 Video player software allows you to play videos on your computer, either from:

 – files stored on the computer;

 – CD or DVD;

 – or any other external media.

 However, since there are so many video formats, you need to configure your computer properly to ensure that you can play any video.


 Most video players can play many video formats, but adding additional codecs for specific formats will sometimes be necessary.

Audio player software: playing music and sound

Video and Audio Playback Software
Playing music on your computer is one of the simplest and most common computer uses.
All you need is to have an audio player software installed on your computer.
You can then play music from a:
– CD;
– DVD;
– external player;
– but also directly from audio files stored on the computer.
Audio playback software now also allows you to:
– organize your audio files, extract them from external media;
– to burn compilations;
– or even encode files.
Some audio players can even be used as video players.
For those who would like more advanced audio software, there is mixing and editing software.

Audio-video player software: comparison
Here is a compar
ison of the main audio and video playback software:

Windows Media Player (Free License)


 – Library with album covers imported from the Internet.

 – Playlists.

 – Extraction of songs from a CD, automatic encoding in the format of your choice.

 – CD burning.

 – Possibility of connecting to radio stations.

 – Possibility to buy music and videos online.

 – Synchronization of some mp3 players.


 – The most widespread software.

 – Complete and fast.

 – Many audio formats are supported.

 – Possibility to share multimedia files with other users connected to the network.

 – Nice and customizable interface.


 – Not compatible with all video formats.

 – Only compatible with Windows.


Itunes (Free License)


– iPod, iPhone synchronization.

 – Share multimedia content on a network.

 – Simplified organization of audio and video files.


– Windows-compatible Apple software.

 – Pleasant and easy to use.

 – CD cover display.

 – Quick Time installation.


 – Referral to commercial AppStore links.

 – Automatic conversion of files to AAC format (protected by DRM).

 Real Player (Free License)


 – Player enriched with a web browser.

 – Playlist management.

 – CD encoding.

 – CD burning.


 – Sober and fast player.

 – Video streaming playback.

 – Playback of many formats.


 – Incentive to upgrade to the paid version.

 – Registration required.

 VLC Media Player (Free software)

Video and Audio Playback Software


 – Multifunctional player.

 – Settings for optimized audio and video playback.

 – Server configuration for broadcasting multimedia files on a network.


 – Plays all audio and video formats.

 – Possibility to download additional codecs.


 – Complex playlist management.

Audio player software: comparison

This will help you compare in a few seconds the leading audio playback software:

Winamp (Free License)


– CD ripping.

– Compression of audio files.

– Radio access.

– Multiple windows presentation.


– CD burning.

– Fully customizable player.

– Adding plugins.

– Compatible with a large number of audio formats.


– MP3 encoding is available only in the paid version.

– Loading is sometimes heavy.

Foobar2000 (Free License)


– Audio compression tools.

– Tagging feature.

– Plays AAC, AIFF, AU, FLAC, MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPC, OGG, SND, WAV, and WMA formats.


– CD burning.

– Format conversion.

– Simple and light player.

– Quick search function, custom interface.

– Management of large libraries.


No French version.

Cool Player (Open-source)


– Playlist editor.

– Tagging.


– Format conversion.

– Customizable player.

– Support for Winamp plugins.

– Simple interface.


No French version.

Jet Audio (Free License)


– Interface and modules similar to a hi-fi system.

– Plays all major formats.


– Record music in MP3 format from any audio source.

– Good audio management.


– No French version.

– Sponsored by advertising banner.

Share Pod (Free software)


– Synchronization and iPod playback if the software is installed on the iPod.

– Albums classified by artists and titles.


– iPhone and iPod Touch playback with firmware 3 installed.

Lightweight software.


Seriously none!

Video player software: video player software comparison

Video and Audio Playback Software

This will help you to quickly compare the differences between these brands of video player software:

Power DVD 14 (Paid software)


– 3D Blu-Ray playback.

– DTS and Dolby High Definition technology.

– Cloud storage service.

– Complete DLNA solution (play videos from PC, TV, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

– HD video playback.

– Live bookmarking and commenting.

– Support for Windows7 music library features.

Advantages video player software

– Reference software for DVD playback.

– 3D playback.

– Convert 2D movies to 3D.

Disadvantages video player software

– Direct X installation required.

– Glasses or screen compatible for 3D playback.

WinDVD 11 (Paid software)


– DivX and DVD playback.

– Blu Ray 3D and HD movie playback.

– Live control.

– Screen capture.

– Dolby Virtual Speaker.


– Pleasant, intuitive, and feature-rich interface.

– Share video clips.

– Reverse movie playback.

– Video stabilization.

– Motion refinement.

– Remote control with remote control.


Seriously none!

Mplayer (Open-source)


– Support for many formats.

– Broadcasting videos from the TV card.

– Subtitle playback.


It supports nearly 200 audio codecs and 90 video codecs.


Only in English.

Media Player Classic (Free software)


– Play DVD and any video.

– Support of many audio and video filters.


– Light and powerful player.

– Adaptation TV format 16/9 and 4/3.


The player interface is too dull (early 2000 style).

BsPlayer (Free software)


– DivX player and many formats.

– Multimedia library interface.

– Direct Sound 3D.


– Real-time window resizing,

– Volume modification with the mouse wheel.

– Customizable player.


– Hack of the start pages of the Internet browsers.

– Installation of the BS Player control bar.

Hope this post has helped you choose your video and audio playback software. Remember to share your experience in the comments below.

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