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The Top 3 Gadgets That Every College Student Needs

College is one of the first times in most of our life where we get to live on our own, which means that we no longer have the safety net that was our parents. Most of us have to fend for ourselves and take student loans, and get scholarships to get ourselves through this journal.

Having said this, it is also one of those places that you will miss once you’ve graduated, and this is why you need to enjoy your college experience to the fullest. There are some things that are essential for you to own, especially if you are starting college next. So, without further ado, let’s get into the list of gadgets that all college students should have.

1. External Hard Drive or a USB


Most of us spend money on this first thing; because of the amount of research and paper you will have to read, a flash drive can be a real lifesaver. The ball is in your court o this one, and the flash drive you choose will depend on your need and budget. Your average external hard drive can cost you 60 dollars, while a USB flash drives cost a mere 13 dollars.

A fear that most college students have is losing their laptop and all their work in it; this is why having a hard drive acts as a safeguard. Even if you lose your laptop, you know that your work is secure somewhere. A quick tip, if you use google docs online, it automatically saves your work, and you can even keep it on your drive.

2. Wireless earphones


The choice of wireless earphones or traditional earphones depends on you here, but trust me on this one, you will want a good pair of earphones or even some sort of noise-canceling device when you get to college. Earphones are the staple gadget that you will see all the students on campus using.

If you have your student ID, you can go to an electronic store and see if they offer any student discount on their products. Apple is one of those companies that is a sure bet, and you will get a student discount on most electronics you buy there.

Earphones are the perfect way to shut out the outside world and focus on yourself or your world. If you are a gen Z like me, if someone is wearing their earphone, it most likely means that they don’t want to be disturbed.

Wireless earphones are the better alternative because they allow you to use them on the go, and they never tangle into a mess like traditional earphones. It is also the perfect gadget for you to enjoy your music or watch your favorite show without disturbing your roommate.

3. Laptop


A laptop is a must-have in college, and no matter the brand, you need one with long and durable battery life. Your laptop will be one of your best friends and companion throughout your 3 or 4 years of college. So, it is better to invest in something that will hopefully last you your whole college career.

It is an essential that every college student needs and they will help you to take notes, do your classwork, read, video call your family, watch movies, and most importantly, work on your assignments. Remember, a laptop with a good and long battery life will serve you well in college.

Your average laptop with a 2 hours life span won’t cut it; you need one with a minimum of 5 hours of battery life, especially f you have back-to-back classes. You might want to invest in a MacBook Air, which has a battery life of about 11 hours and is the perfect laptop for most students.

A MacBook is also extremely light, and you can take it anywhere with you; the retail price for one is about 1000 dollars, but you can use your student discount to have a reasonable price on it. Now, they aren’t the cheapest laptop on the market we will give you that.

You might also want to look into Chromebooks which offer the same portability as a MacBook air, but the former is much more cost-effective. An ASUS 11.6’’ Chromebook retails for around 189 dollars and is the best alternative for students who are balling on a budget.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us which gadget you think is essential to get through college.

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