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Which iPad is made for you?

Right now, there are more iPads on the market and believe it or not, choosing the right iPad for you is more complicated than you might have thought. Buying a phone, tablet or laptop, should be the easiest thing to do. You choose what’s new, but with iPads, Apple has tailored them so much for different uses.

In this article, we’ll make the differences between the models to see what’s best for you through the different features. As the saying goes, “you pay for what you get” and it is very true when it comes to iPads.

The general one (good for everyone)

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Which iPad is made for you?

One of the iPads that is suitable for almost everyone is the 9th generation iPad. It is one of the most affordable iPads you can find on the market which not so old. It has the same performance as the iPhone 11, along with some improvements.

Affordable- doesn’t mean crap; it has a good camera front and back (although if you want incredible photos, you should go for the iPhone 13). It still has the home button and thick bezels around the 10.2-inch screen like the older version of the iPad.

Looking for portability

If you want something light and easy to carry around, you should go for the iPad Mini. The latest iPad mini, the 2021 version, mirrors the design of the iPad Pro but in a smaller version. It has a compact size that makes it easy to travel with, it doesn’t weigh too much and can be easily carried in your luggage.

It has the latest A15 Bionic processor and also an improved camera. The starting price is $499 at Apple stores, but the price may be different at other stores like Amazon.

For business

You may think that you need the iPad Pro for work, but I have a better alternative for you. Apple’s fourth generation, the iPad Air, has the same performance and speed as an iPad Pro. It’s quite a mix between the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini. Like the iPhone 12, it has adopted the A14 Bionic chip. The appearance is similar to the iPad Mini, with no home button.

This can also be used to take notes for school, as many students now prefer an eco-friendly alternative to paper and choose to take their notes on their iPad.

If you don’t have enough money…

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Which iPad is made for you?

If you are on a tight budget, you have models like the iPad Mini 5, the iPad Air 3 and the iPad 2020. Although they are no longer sold in Apple stores, you can find them in other stores, either new or refurbished. However, if it’s a refurbished model, don’t expect it to last more than two years.

The minimum amount you can expect to pay is about $250, and the maximum is $400. If you go for the latest model, they will last longer than older models.

iPad To Avoid

You should avoid this iPad if you don’t want to waste your money. Yes, I have already mentioned some older iPad versions, but that doesn’t mean that every old version will do. Several iPads don’t get new software updates and become slower when new versions come out.

The Mini 1-4 and iPad 1-7 have screens with low resolution, pixels or are just too old. Forget about buying one of the old 2014 iPad Air 1 or 2015 Air 2. Save your money and your peace of mind. These are too slow, and you’ll want to smash them.

Buying a new iPad is an investment, and you will want to buy something good for your daily use. When you buy new gadgets, make sure you know what it takes and read lots of reviews. Let us know in the comments what you think is the best iPad model on the market right now…

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