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Why Should You Not Buy Cheap Electronics?

Electronics are no more cheap; a MacBook Air will cost you up to 1000 dollars, the same as an iPhone 13 Pro or the new Galaxy Z Flip 3. Even devices that don’t cost a thousand dollars—like AirPods or the Apple Watch – are still on the pricey side. It’s no surprise that there are plenty cheaper knock-offs out there that customers turn to in a bid to save some cash while fitting in.

Not all low-priced gadgets are trash; there are plenty of alternatives to pricier brands if you want to spend less, but here we will be talking about electronics from brands that no one has ever heard of: the products that sit on the bottom shelf in your local shop or haunt the deepest recesses of the bargain bin.

It Is Not Worth It

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Why Should You Not Buy Cheap Electronics?

At first, it seems great: you have bought a new product without feeling guilty as you haven’t broken the bank. You notice that the quality does not match the expensive products, but it does not matter as you concentrate on your savings. Hold onto this moment for as long as you can because this happiness will not last long.

Buying cheap products usually ends in regret. These products are manufactured with neither quality nor durability. If you buy a cheap product, and the quality is crap – do not worry, because it will only work for a week or two. Suddenly, they don’t look so cheap, and you feel bad (or even worse) about wasting your money.

There is a reason why some items are so much cheaper than branded ones on the market. Companies save a lot of money when they are not worried about using good materials or proper design but are more focused on mass manufacturing.

Not Everything Cheap is Made Equal

Let’s set things straight; I am talking specifically about low-cost technology, not average or budget technology. There is a big difference; if a branded company makes a product at a lower price than its other devices or other devices on the market, it does not mean that it is trash.

For example, Apple has manufactured different iPads, some cheaper than others, as they do not have the same storage capacity and size. The cheapest iPad is approximately 329 dollars, but that does not mean that the cheaper one is mediocre.

I would qualify the iPad as less expensive, but I won’t categorize it as “cheap tech”. What I classify as cheap tech are those tablets sold in online stores for 25 dollars without any brand name- or brands that you never heard of.

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Why Should You Not Buy Cheap Electronics?

Analyze What Products Are Worth Buying

As with any technological purchase, if you are unsure about the quality, do some research. Read online reviews from various sources and make sure the reviewers are not sponsored by the product they are reviewing (don’t ever trust Amazon reviews). Consider a wide range of opinions on the product so that you can make an informed decision and save yourself from a flop.

Do not forget we are going for quality and durability when looking for a product, and comparisons are the be-all and end-all of this situation. If the product you want is way too expensive, look for a reputable, lower-priced alternative – and don’t just grab the first product that meets your price expectations.

Through this, you may find that it will be better if you wait and save for the expensive item, or you may realize that the only reason one product costs so much more than another is because of brand recognition and not because of the features that it offers. Before wasting your

hard-earned money, take my advice. Let us know in the comments what was the worst tech purchase you ever made…

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