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How to Choose Your laptop

How to Choose Your laptop?

How to Choose Your laptop?  You are reading this post because you want to buy a laptop. When choosing the right laptop, defining your use and the price you will pay for it is essential, so let’s delay no further.

Laptop: excellent transportability

 If you want to use your laptop in several different places, whether at work or home, but also when you travel, the laptop is the inevitable computer tool.

 The main advantage of a laptop is mobility, thanks to its small size, on average 35 cm by 27. Therefore, it is an essential tool for business people and all people who need to use their computers in different places where space may be quite limited, for example, on the bus.

Powerful features of a laptop

 Laptops offer features like allowing to have a computer for multimedia entertainment and office uses.

 Consequently, to have a powerful computer (rapid), you will have to devote a larger budget than a desktop computer. 

Good to know: A fast laptop means having at least a core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, SSD storage (minimum of 160 GB on excellent storage comfort), and a 1 GB RAM graphics card.

 Laptop : Size / weight

How to choose your laptop
How to choose your laptop?


 The size and weight of a laptop are related to the size of the computer screen.

 Both will come into play if you need to carry your laptop occasionally or frequently.

 Some laptops are larger and therefore heavier than average; they are more transportable than portable!

 Laptop screen for home entertainment: 17-inch minimum

 The size and type of screen will strongly influence the size and weight of the laptop:

 – Laptop computer intended for office use: no need to opt for a large screen. 14 or 15 inches will perfectly do.

 – To read movies or play video games: it is preferable to opt for a screen of 17 inches minimum.

 The most common screen formats are 16:9, but there are also 15:10 screens. Most screens are TFT with LCD technology (older versions) or LED (current versions). There are currently three newer display types available for laptops, and the third one only recently popped up in the market — Twisted Nematic (TN), In-Plane Switching (IPS), and Organic Light-emitting Diode (OLED). These are for more eye comfort and home cinema experiences, and of course, more expensive! The quality of the screen depends mainly on its response time: the lower the response time displayed, the better the quality of the screen.

Laptop battery life

 When choosing a laptop, it is essential to pay attention to the battery life.

 There is not always a power outlet near where you are, so choosing a battery with good autonomy is essential.

 If you don’t have a good battery life, to begin with, you may find yourself leaving your laptop plugged in permanently after a few years.

 Good to know: over time, battery life tends to decrease.

 Laptop and noise level

 Some laptops are noisier than others, especially concerning the fan, the operation of hard disks, or DVD drives.

 Therefore, it will be necessary to check in the description of the computer (or ask the seller) if a laptop is noisy.

 Beware of overheating of this type of computer.

 If you leave your laptop on all day, even with the cover closed, you may have problems with overheating.

 Some laptops heat up more and faster than others.

 Therefore, be sure to ask about the heat dissipation of the PC.

 Laptop warranty

 With a laptop, it is difficult to change components.

 So, you will have a harder time getting a laptop repaired than a desktop computer in case of a breakdown.

 Therefore, it is preferable to have a good warranty and take an extended warranty of one or more years.

 Good to know: most warranties do not cover the battery in case of failure, so it is always good to check this point in the damage covered by the warranty.

 Laptop price: as from $600

 You can easily find a laptop for less than $500; some manufacturers offer them with however a slow processor and less memory.

For a good quality computer, prices are more around $600 to $700 or even much more depending on its performance ($700 to $1,500).

Finally, you will buy a laptop to connect from any place, offering a WiFi or 4G connection. So whether you are a student or a professional, you can always contact your network of friends or manage your clients remotely. Even when you are on the move, you can find places offering free WiFi access, such as airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes…

Good to know: Ensure the laptop you want to buy has proper operating software like Windows or Ubuntu. Indeed, some laptops are sold without any operating software to allow more experienced users to install operating software of their choice.

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