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Criteria for Choosing Your Desktop Computer

Criteria for Choosing Your Desktop Computer


There are different types of computers: the laptop, the mini PC, the tablet PC, or the desktop computer. This post will look at the criteria for choosing a desktop computer.

Desktop computer: an evolving computer

Criteria for Choosing Your Desktop Computer

The desktop computer can offer many advantages if you don’t need a computer on the move. With a desktop computer, investing in a new computer is not necessary to ensure that it meets the latest technical requirements.

It will be easy to buy a new quality monitor without buying a new CPU.

But it will also be possible to change some components of the computer to make it more robust:

    – adding memory;

    – addition or replacement of hard disk;

    – new processor;

    – more powerful graphics card…

Also, in case of failure, the components of the computer can be replaced more easily than with a laptop, a mini PC, a netbook, or a tablet PC.

Criteria for choosing a desktop computer

Criteria for Choosing Your Desktop Computer

Finding your way through all the offers is not easy when you want to buy a desktop computer.

So, when you set a budget, it is essential to compare the different offers according to the computer’s power and the quality of its components.

It is therefore advisable to compare mainly:

    – the processor,

    – the hard disk,

    – the memory,

    – the graphics card,

    – the proposed connectors.

With equivalent power, the choice will also be made according to the preference of a brand rather than another, each having more or less a preference for the such or such brand.

Desktop computer: the variants

Criteria for Choosing Your Desktop Computer

If your choice is for a desktop computer, but you are bothered by the computer’s size or prefer not to have a separate CPU and monitor, there are options.

Mini desktop computer: very affordable

It would help if you chose your mini computer according to the use you want to make of it: the mini desktop computer will not be suitable for use with complex software and too powerful programs.

The mini desktop computer will be ideal for use in the living room, with Internet browsing and multimedia files:

    – Mini computers are a bit like multimedia hard drives;

    – Their design is conceived to blend easily into a living room.

Mini desktops are sold at very affordable prices but offer less power than traditional desktops and are not upgradeable.

All-in-one desktop computer: space-saving

An all-in-one computer has a central processing unit and a monitor in one box.

Some all-in-one computers even offer a multitouch screen, allowing you to do without a keyboard and mouse.

It, therefore, saves a lot of space and can be easily integrated into any room. But on the other hand, it has its drawbacks regarding power and evolution.

For the same quality, an all-in-one desktop computer will be more expensive than a traditional desktop computer. You’ll need to spend $500 for an entry-level all-in-one PC.

Desktop computer: the best value for money

Criteria for Choosing Your Desktop Computer

Compared to a laptop, a desktop computer offers better quality for a similar price.

Powerful desktop computers will be cheaper than mid-range laptops.

Indeed, for $500 or $600, you can afford a computer that offers many possibilities, such as playing movies in high definition (HD), photography, or even video games.

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