What Is an RJ45 Connector?

What Is an RJ45 Connector?

The RJ45 cabling is used in Ethernet networks.

It is intended for the circulation of weak currents instead of the electric current distributed by the electricity suppliers.

The communication box is connected to RJ45 plugs for the transport of information flows.

The RJ45 connector (RJ for Registered Jack) is used to connect different communication devices. It consists of four pairs of twisted wires crimped in a plastic pin.

RJ45 jack

RJ45 Connector

An RJ45 plug, also known as an ethernet port or RJ45 connector, is a connector with eight wires crimped into a plastic pin at the end of a cable or wall socket.

This type of plug is used for communications and carries weak currents. It is gradually replacing the old T-shaped plugs that were used for telephones.

The IEC/NEC standard makes the installation of RJ 45 mandatory for new constructions, extensions, and complete renovations.

RJ 45 cable

RJ 45 cable

RJ 45 network cabling is made from cables called twisted pairs.

The cabling consists of four pairs of wires: brown, orange, green, and blue. One wire is solid color for each pair, and the other is striped with the same color.

There are two cabling standards defined by the Telecommunication International Association / Electronic Industry Association: TIA/EIA 568 A (obsolete) and TIA/EIA 568 B, which differ in the position of the green and orange pairs.

The same standard should be used throughout the house.

For a straight-through cable, the order of the strands must be the same on both sides of the cable. This is the case for both TIA/EIA 568 A and TIA/EIA 568 B standards. Some wires will be reversed for a crossover cable: the pairs that transmit on one side will receive on the other side.

Most of the time, cables are used like this: two pairs for the internet, one pair for television and one pair for the telephone.

Two types of cables are available on the market.

    – The single-strand cable is made of a single thick copper wire, and it is more rigid than multi-stranded cable and carries the signal over a longer distance.

    – Multi-stranded cable is less expensive and easier to use but is not suitable for connecting two devices spaced a great distance apart.

Category 5 cable is the most commonly used cable for home ethernet networks (RJ45). It corresponds to frequencies up to 100 Mhz and speeds up to 100 mbits/s. Category 6 carries a higher data rate and is, therefore, more expensive.

When choosing a cable, it is also essential to consider the shielding, which protects against electromagnetic interference and offers the possibility of higher data rates:

    – UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair): the cable has no shielding.

    – FTP (Folded Twisted Pair): the cable jacket is shielded with aluminum.

    – STP (Shielded Twisted Pair): each pair is shielded with aluminum but not the jacket.

    – SFTP (Shielded Folded Twisted Pair): the sheath is shielded with aluminum and copper, and each pair is shielded.

The wiring is done with a crimping tool.

Hope you have liked this article. Stay posted on our blog as our next article will be on 4 steps to install an RJ 45 socket. We will further tell you the special precautions to be taken while laying and connecting the multimedia cable and how to install the wall outlet.

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