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What Is a Mini PC

What Is a Mini PC


There are different types of devices on the computer market: the desktop computer, the laptop, and the mini PC.

The mini PC is a compact desktop computer with several advantages in one. It is based on the barebone principle, the heart of the computer consisting of the power supply, the motherboard, and the drives.

Mini PC: light and compact

Compact and light, the heaviest ones weigh less than 5 kg. The mini PC will not take up too much space on your desk. You can move it anywhere in the house. It can even blend into your living room to become a multimedia player.

Another strong point linked to its size is the power supply. It is located outside the computer, making the mini PC silent. Moreover, its power consumption is lower.

What type of use for the mini PC?

Depending on the configuration you install inside, the mini PC can become a small multimedia player that will fit nicely in your living room to play movies stored on the hard drive or via the player.

The mini PC is also ideal for office work. For drawing and video editing, two activities that require a lot of power, the mini PC does the job perfectly as long as you buy the right components.

Mini PC: configuration

Mini PC

In addition to the case, a mini PC contains a motherboard, DVD drive, and a power supply.

It must then be completed with other components: hard disk, RAM, processor, graphics card, and sound card.

Some models are offered with a complete configuration. But the mini PC is not an upgradeable computer like the desktop computer. The only parts you can change easily are the RAM and the hard disk.

The Mac mini, the brand’s mini PC, is on the Apple side. This model is already configured and is powerful enough for multimedia activities or to run video editing or drawing software.

Which operating system to choose?

Mini PCs do not include operating systems either. They are sold naked, and it is up to you to choose which operating system you want to use.

To install Windows, you will have to pay attention to the compatibility of the hardware with the operating system. But manufacturers usually indicate which system their device works with.

If most mini PCs can run Ubuntu, some configurations may prevent installation. There is also a version of Linux compatible with mini PCs called Ubuntu mini PC.

Yes, you would be asking: what does Apple mini-PC (Mac mini) run on? It has the Mac OS operating system.

Price of a mini PC

The price of a mini PC depends on the configuration and does not include peripherals. The basic setup, i.e., the case with the motherboard and power supply only without all the elements, can range from $120 to $500 for high-end models.

For more complete models, it can range from $700 to $1,000 for Apple-branded models. For other models, the price goes up depending on the components chosen.

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