Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Review

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 is not so different from the S21 Ultra. We are witnessing a shitload of new phones coming on the market every month, but is it worth it? Or do companies only do these new releases for sensation? This article will discuss the new features that Samsung is bringing to us and what is not-so-new.

The phone’s display makes the S22 feel very disconnected from the S21, but when you look at the features, you will notice that they are quite similar. On top of this, it also acquires some of the features of the Galaxy Note. Can we say that it is a mix of the S21 and Galaxy Note, but not a new phone by itself… It is just an upgrade of these two.

That being said, if you want to notice a real upgrade, I would recommend going for the S22 Ultra only if you have a model older than the S20 Ultra or Note 20 Ultra, or else you won’t notice much change…

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A Clone Of the Note 20? 

We won’t lie that they have a similar look – harsh and angular edges just as the Note fans like it. The hardware similarities to the Note Ultra make the phone heavier which is an advantage over the S21.

The S22 is one of the largest phones in the Galaxy S Lineup. The display size is approximately 6.7 inches, just like the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It is a challenge to use the new phone with one hand because it is wider than the standard 6.1 inches.

Once again, it stands out with the noticeable difference in the brightness (which can be very inconvenient) because, at 25 %, the brightness still feels very luminous.

The S Pen As A Bonus

The inclusion of the S Pen on the S22 Ultra is the little something that brings it closer to the Galaxy Notes. The S lineup normally does not include an S Pen. This has been reserved for the Notes since now.

Samsung has even said to have improved the S Pen, compared to the other model the one on the S22 Ultra feels more sensitive and smooth. The first users of the S Pen claim that using it feels like writing on paper.

Using an S Pen can be very useful for quick use, but I don’t find this necessary. I feel like the S Pen was more useful in the past when people were attending in-person meetings and needed to take a quick note. Still, now with the work-from-home policy, you have a keyboard in front of you, and it is easier to take notes whenever you are attending a meeting.

Better Low-light Camera

The S22 Ultra camera is similar to the S21; 108-megapixel main sensor, 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor, and two 10-megapixel telephoto lenses. One of the improvements that we can notice pertaining to the camera is that it has a better low-light camera. It allows taking better photos in dark scenarios.

Samsung claims to have brought forward a new feature called Adaptive Pixel, which is available on all three phones, allowing the combination of pixels into one giant pixel, which allows a better brightness.

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Battery Life And Performance

So far, using the Galaxy S22 Ultra has been as seamless as you’d expect from a high-end smartphone. Apps load swiftly, swiping between home screens is smooth, and settings menus are easy to use. Part of this is probably due to the screen’s ability to boost its refresh rate up to 120Hz, which was also available on Samsung’s lower S22 models and last year’s S21 lineup.

However, any phone costing $1,200 should be able to do these things. The value of new processors in cellphones comes from the new functions they enable.

The S22 Ultra comes with the same 5,00 mAh battery as the S21 Ultra, so don’t expect much from it in terms of battery life. This battery quality is not bad, but some users would like to see some improvements on a new phone.

All things said, the S22 Ultra is like an upgrade of the Galaxy Note of 2021, but also a blend of the S21 Ultra. There are no major things to compare, so I don’t recommend upgrading to the S22 if you have an S21. Think about going for the S22 Ultra only if you have a two-year-old model. In the comments, let us know what phone model you have now and if you are thinking about upgrading to the S22 Ultra…

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