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Top 5 Tips For Choosing Your Next Gaming Console

Gaming can be fun, be I’m a bookworm, and I spend most of my free time either binge Netflix or reading my current read. But my partner loves gaming, and he will buy all the new gaming systems that come out; he is an absolute gaming nerd and loves his gaming systems. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn tips for buying the perfect gaming system for your needs. 

1. A unique style for each brand


In the world of game consoles, each brand has its vision of video games. Sony, with its PlayStation, has been looking for a console with the best possible performance in order to obtain games that are as beautiful as they are visually fluid. Microsoft, thanks to the Xbox, wants to offer a sufficiently large catalog of games and at the same time offer interesting additional features for the family, comparable to a computer.

Finally, there is Nintendo, whose spirit since its very first console is to be accessible to a family audience as wide as possible with famous and exclusive game licenses. It is also the last manufacturer to offer portable consoles, Sony having abandoned this niche since March 2019.

Each console offers unique features to satisfy a category of gamers. The PlayStation will be more interesting for its performance, while an Xbox will be appreciated for its versatility. Finally, Nintendo offers games perfectly suited for casual gamers and a family audience.

2. Living room or mobile video games?

One of the main criteria for choosing a video game is the environment you want to play. There are two approaches to video games. The first is to play in a dedicated room like the living room or bedroom with a sedentary console like the PlayStation or Xbox.

But some gamers want to take their console with them everywhere, so they never lose an opportunity to play, and Nintendo is the undisputed master of portable consoles here. However, the PS Vita can be mentioned to a lesser extent. Finally, there is a console that can be both portables and used as a home console, embodied by Nintendo’s Switch

3. Different performances according to needs


In the world of video games, graphic quality has taken on considerable importance in the expectations of gamers. A real race to find the most aesthetically pleasing match, this competition between developers has forced console manufacturers to offer machines with ever more sophisticated configurations.

For a long time, Sony was the undisputed leader in this field with its PlayStation and especially its PS4 Pro, even if Microsoft managed to catch up with its Xbox One X. But despite this race for beauty, not everyone gives in to the temptation so easily, as Nintendo wants to offer balanced consoles, designed for mobile gamers and a family audience.

4. Choosing a different catalog of games

Whether between consoles from different manufacturers and between different generations, one of the major differences lies in the catalog of games available. Indeed, each brand and each generation offers a different selection of games that you won’t necessarily be able to use on a competing or older model.

Xbox here can boast of having the widest range of recent titles, especially when compared to Sony, which mainly looks for the most popular titles of the moment. Finally, there is Nintendo, which has a smaller catalog of games, but with titles that are as popular as they are successful, such as Zelda Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Fire Emblems: Three Houses.

5. Retrogaming fun and budget consoles


If the video game sector has been growing rapidly with ever more powerful consoles for a long time, this race has resulted in higher prices. It has made some older consoles unavailable, despite their sometimes still honorable performances. Finally, some gamers simply enjoy replaying the old titles they discovered in the past.

Opting for a refurbished console via back Market is an excellent solution to avoid these drawbacks. In addition to the possibility of getting your hands on old consoles that have been restored and are perfectly functional, it also allows you to acquire a more recent console at a much lower price than a new model. For example, an Xbox One with 500 GB of memory in good condition can be up to 50% cheaper than a new version. The same applies to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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