How to Change a Laser Printer Toner

How to Change a Laser Printer Toner


– Step 1: Determine if you need to change your printer toner

– Step 2: Change your printer toner

Your laser printer toner is the equivalent of ink cartridges for an inkjet printer, although it works very differently: the ink here is in powder form, negatively charged. The printer’s laser electrostatically sets certain areas of the toner, which causes the ink to be attracted to form a pattern that will be deposited, and thus printed on the paper. The drum is an essential part of the printer, which deposits the ink on the paper by rotating. Once all your toner powder is used up, you will need to buy a new toner cartridge and change it.

Here’s how to change a printer toner.

1. Determine if you need to change the printer toner

Laser Printer Toner

The life of your laser printer toner depends directly on how it is used. Everything depends on the quantity of ink used for your printing work and the printing environment, the frequency of use of your printer, or the media used (type and format of paper). Once the toner powder is empty, you need to change the cartridge.

Usually, a window will appear on your computer to let you know when it is time to print, and a special light will flash on the cover of your printer. The printed pages will also give you a clue: if they are getting lighter and lighter, it means that the end of life of your toner is approaching.

Note: since it is a powder, it is common for some users to shake their toner at the end of its life to gain a few extra pages. This is not a bad idea, but be careful not to damage any toner components.

2. Change the toner in your printer

Laser Printer Toner


– Start by turning off your printer by unplugging it.

Important: Some internal areas may be scorching if the printer was on and you used it just before the operation. It is preferable in this case to wait for 1 hour to avoid any risk of burns.

– Locate the opening button on the cover of your printer (take its operating instructions with you if necessary) and open the front door of the case.

– Press the opening button located at the base of the cartridge, grasp the handle and pull it towards you to remove the cartridge from its slot.

– Unpack the new toner cartridge. Before inserting it, it is good to gently shake it in all directions to distribute the powder in the toner evenly.

– Insert the new cartridge in the exact location as the previous one. The cartridge should snap in automatically when it is securely in place.

– Close the cover and turn the laser printer back on.

– You can print a test page to verify that the new toner is working correctly.

Important: Toner cartridges are components that must be recycled. Most toner manufacturers and many associations offer collection programs for used consumables to protect the environment. Some companies also specialize in the reconditioning of toners and the marketing of recycled cartridges and take care of the collection. So be sure not to throw away your toner without thinking about it.

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