3 Best Gay Dating Apps

If you are queer and single, then the world is your oyster; dating as a queer person has never been easier with the advent of the internet and dating apps. However, if you ask anyone who uses dating apps, they have at least one horror story, but it is a rite of passage, and everyone will go through this when using dating apps.

Gay dating apps are a scourge, but at the same time, they are also a necessity for all of us single out there. Whether you are looking for a one-night stand or a relationship, dating apps are the place to go. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the best gay dating apps out there.

1. Grindr


If you are searching for a hookup or a one-night stand, then this is the app for you. It is based on location where men appear in order of descending proximity, and everything you know and how you use Grindr goes on from there. This is like the gateway drug of gay dating apps; everyone will start with it before branching to other dating apps.

Grindr is a real hellscape but also a godsend because you will find Grindr users around the world, and you will find diverse people there. It is the ideal gay paradise for queer men, and instead of swiping to match but rather you’ll get a collage of men who are close to your location. If you aren’t in for one night stand, then this might not be the app for you, as you will most likely get a dick pic in your first hour using the app.

2. OkCupid


The tagline of this company is “Dating deserves better,” and this is why the perfect app for people who are looking for relationships. OkCupid is one of the most inclusive dating apps out there and has 22 genders and 13 orientation choices, and this makes my queer heart so happy because representation matters. It is the blueprint of inclusivity when it comes to online dating sites.

Matches on the apps are based on similarities of the questions you answered when you first signed up for the app. As from 2020, you can also choose your preferred pronouns on the app, which is a very user-friendly app. You can also weed out people by seeing their answers to controversial questions, which allows you to get through many people quickly.

3. Scruff


As you can infer from the name, Scruff is the slightly rougher version of Grindr. It’s designed for people who like a bit of Scruff! It’s free and healthy if you want to narrow down your choices a bit. Consumers seem to be a bit more veiled and a bit older than on Grindr, but the growing success of this site ensures that there is plenty to choose from.

Like its main competitor, Scruff seems to be used more for dating, but there is still a matching option if you are looking for a date. It doesn’t have the same mass as Grindr, but that means it goes somewhat unnoticed in LGBT-hostile countries and is less likely to be banned. You can travel locally and worldwide, and you can also arrange a date in advance at your destination.

Final thoughts


Using apps like Scruff, Grindr and OkCupid is your way to access the gay scene and find secret gay bars, underground parties, and other events. Note: If you’re traveling to a country where LGBT rights aren’t guaranteed, make sure you have a secure VPN on your phone to protect your privacy (and to unlock these apps in some places).

You don’t have to be a celebrity to find the Grindr dating experience frustrating or unsatisfying. That’s true for all people. Luckily for you, about 8,000 other dating sites and apps are filled with hot local guys with databases. Even if it’s not your thing at home, you’ll want to download one (or more!) of these apps when you travel so you can meet new people and experience new things on your adventure.

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