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Amazing iPhone 13 Mini Tips For You

Do you know how powerful your iPhone 13 mini is? Are you aware of all its amazing features? There are several hidden features on your iPhone that even the most tech-savvy of users are unaware of, which we’ve covered in this article! So, get ready to harness the true power of your iPhone with these impressive tips!


Take a screenshot by tapping your iPhone

The Back Tap feature is one of my favorite iPhone 13 mini tricks. In short, the feature allows you to take a screenshot simply by tapping the back of the device. To take advantage of this feature, go to

  1. Settings,
  2. Accessibility,
  3. Touch, then
  4. Physical and motor. From there, you need to scroll down until you see the option “Back Tap”.

Following that, you can specify the action that you would like to trigger upon tapping on the back of your iPhone. Taking a screenshot is my favorite option, but other options include activating Siri, muting your iPhone, and even adjusting your iPhone’s volume.

Check your iPhone warranty

If you do not have to waste your time by calling Apple support to check if your device is still under warranty, you can easily check the status directly from your device. To do so, go to

  1. Settings

  2. General

  3. About

  4. Warranty. Once there, you will be able to see if your warranty is expired or not.

Use Siri to find your misplaced iPhone

This is one of my most handy iPhone 13 mini tricks. If you misplaced your iPhone somewhere in your home, you could use the ‘Hey Siri’ feature to turn on the flashlight and find it with ease.

Record your video with background music

Thankfully, you can do this very easily! Once you have a song playing on Apple Music or Spotify, open up the camera app. Next, tap the white shutter button and drag it to the right. Once you do that, the video will start recording, and background music will remain active. So simple!

Use your Apple Watch as a viewfinder

This iPhone 13 mini trick enables you to use your Apple Watch as a viewfinder for your iPhone. Open up the camera app on your iPhone to take advantage of this. Next, open the Camera Remote app on your Apple Watch. Now, you can use your Apple Watch to switch the camera orientation, set a timer, and more.


Your iPhone has a built-in level

The built-in Level app is quite handy as it can work on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. For instance, you can use it to check if your painting is hanging correctly or if your table is wobbly. Moreover, to access it, you have to go to the measure app and select Level in the bottom right-hand corner.

Get push notifications for rain and snow

This is a brand new feature that Apple introduced with iOS 15. This iPhone 13 mini trick is especially helpful if you happen to live in an area prone to spontaneous rain showers. Does it snow in your area? To do this, go to

  1. Settings
  2. Privacy
  3. Location Services
  4. Weather and allow the Weather app to access your location.

Use your iPhone keyboard as a trackpad

Press down and hold the spacebar to use your iPhone keyboard as a trackpad. Upon doing so, all the keyboard keys will grey out, and you can now slide your finger around the keyboard area as if it were a trackpad. This is also a helpful iPhone tip in instances where you want to move the cursor around precisely. I find this tip very practical!

Adjust text size with one-touch

Instead of going to settings to adjust the size of your applications or text, you just need to enable this shortcut to adjust the size of either only the home screen or all the applications. To enable this shortcut:

  1. Go to settings

  2. Click on Control Centre and add ‘Text Size’ by tapping on the ‘+’ sign.

Enable emergency bypass mode

Even if your device is on silent or DND mode, this iPhone 13 mini tip allows you to enable sound and vibration for selected contacts. Follow the steps below to turn on this feature:

  1. Open the contact for which you want to enable this feature.

  2. Click on the ‘Edit’ option from the top right corner.

  3. Click on the ‘Ringtones’ option and enable the ‘Emergency Bypass’ option.


Use the in-built translation option

This iPhone 13 mini tip enables you to translate the text from images and applications without using any third-party applications. Simply select the text you want to translate and tap on the ‘Translate’ option. You can also change the language of translation and copy the translated version. This is also my favorite as I like to learn new languages!

Copy and paste the images

This iPhone 13 mini tip allows you to copy and paste the image with finger gestures. To do so, you have to use three fingers to pinch-close on the screen to copy an image and use three fingers to pinch-open on the screen where you want to paste.

Delete a single digit in the calculator

This tip lets you remove one or multiple digits by swiping the calculator display left or right. I often need this feature to correct my errors in calculations!

Copy text from a photo

This iPhone 13 mini trick allows you to select and copy text from the images. For example, if you are unable to understand someone’s handwriting, you should click on the image and use this feature to help you read it. Then, you can share and paste the copied text anywhere you want.

Now that I know these amazing, eye-opening tips, I can use my iPhone more easily and proudly! Please do forget to share your comments below!

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