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The Top 3 Apps To Read Books

I am someone who loves reading, and during my free time, I can read 2 to 3 books a day, and when I am on vacation, I’m in a bit of a tricky situation because I can’t stuff my luggage with books. I mean, I could, but my partner would kill me for that. This is the struggle of a voracious reader.

However, how we read has changed drastically over the past couple of years, and now we can read on our phones and have a million books with us on the go. I’ll be honest here, I am a stickler for hardcover books, but when I go on holiday, I can take only 3 with me, and if I fight with my partner, I can take 5 max.

So ebooks have made my life easier; reading on the go has never been easier. So, this list is the top five apps to read books on, and this comes from someone who reads around 400 to 500 books a year and works in academia. So, without further ado, let’s get into this list of the top 5 apps to read books on.

1. Amazon Kindle


This is my mom’s favorite app, and she raves about her kindle. Yeah, I got my love for books from my mom; she is the one who would tell e stories and gave me the first book. The first book I remember reading is a trashy Mill & Born novel because my mom loves those.

If you have an android, then nothing beats the kindle; it is one of the best apps out there for you to read books. The kindle is free and has a 4.7 stars rating, making millions of users happy. If you ask my mom, no other app can beat kindle when it comes to reading books online.

The kindle allows you to download books ad organize them by their title, and you can read the first chapters of all the books on there for free, and if you love the first chapter, then you can buy the whole book. After you’ve purchased the book, it will always remain in your library.

The kindle works wonders, you can search the books in your library with ease, and you can even search for a word or phrase in a book.

2. Nook


Barnes & Nobles is my favorite bookstore, and knowing that it has an app where you can read books has been my joy for the last 2 years. Barnes & Nobles has a multitude of books on its shelves, and if you’ve never been to a Barnes & Nobles, then you should get it together and visit one.

It is a popular ebook reader that is best for IOS but is still a good choice for Android but for us if you are an android, then you should go for a kindle. Nook is free and gives you access to more than 4 million Barnes & Nobles titles. More than 75 000 of these titles are free of charge, and you can read them for free.

Before you buy any book on the app, it allows you to preview your option, and this is a pretty helpful option if you ask me. If you have multiple devices, then you can easily sync your current books across all your devices.

3. Apple Books


Who would have thought? Apple has a book app? Yeah, Apple is taking over the world, and you need to get it together because they will soon take over the world. Apple books are also free to download, and it is surprisingly an entertaining app to use and is very intuitive.

However, because it is an Apple creation, it isn’t available for Android but what’s more surprising is that Apple Books is unrated on App Store. You also don’t need to download it because it comes pre-download on all iOS devices, so you don’t need to install it.

Apple books also have a pretty easy-to-use interface and give you access to millions of ebooks and audiobooks.

Okay, if you are a uni student and are searching for an academic journal, then use sci-hub, b-ok, or library genesis. These are free sites where you can get access to academic books and articles for free. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what is your favorite app for reading books.

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