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Top 4 Best Apps To Read Books (part 2)

I’m someone who loves to read, and in my spare time, I can read 2-3 books a day, and when I’m on vacation, I’m in a bit of a bind because I can’t fill my luggage with books. I could, but my partner would kill me for it. That’s the struggle of a voracious reader.

However, the way we read has changed drastically in the last couple of years, and now we can read on our phones and have a million books with us on the go. I’ll be honest, I’m a hardcover book person, but when I go on vacation, I can only take 3 with me, and if I’m fighting with my partner, I can take 5 max.

So ebooks have made my life easier; reading on the go has never been easier. So, this list is the five best apps for reading books, and this is coming from someone who reads about 400-500 books a year and works in academia. So, without further ado, let’s get into this list of the 5 best apps for reading¬†books.

1. Moon Reader


Another great classic, the Moon Reader application, offers complete functionalities with excellent support for many ebook formats: epub, pdf, Mobi, CHM, CBR, CBC, umd, fb2, txt, HTML, rar, zip. The quality is there, and the Moon Reader application also has the complete settings for those who like to read in the dark: fine lighting management, blue light filter, tint, night mode, etc.

Of course, there are the usual functions for managing characters, fonts, space between lines, etc. The application is only available for Android tablets and can be downloaded for free. A paid version also removes advertising and adds other functions, including text-to-speech.

2. Wattpad


Wattpad gathers more than 80 000 000 readers and writers. They share and live their passion for literature together. This application makes its subscribers happy. For readers, the application offers over 50 languages. The genres are varied: romance, mystery, science fiction, adventure, fantasy, comedy, young adult fiction… Readers can create and share their library with friends.

The Wattpad community is a friendly, worldwide community. And it’s all free! Synchronization of the account on several digital media allows subscribers to keep their news no matter where they connect (computer, smartphone, tablet). The connection between readers and writers is facilitated. This interconnectedness breaks down the barriers of distance.

If readers are having a relaxing or escapist time with the books, writers can readjust their writing through the comments. Indeed, readers’ suggestions can help an author find inspiration. And while many movies or TV series are based on novels, while waiting for theatrical release, Wattpad subscribers can already get a taste of what will be adapted to the big screen.

3. iBooks


The third of the giants of digital reading is signed Apple. Available on IOS only, iBooks offers a huge collection of books for all ages, including illustrated and interactive books for children and beautiful books on art and photography that will be enhanced by the quality of an iPad’s magnificent screen.

Designed for Apple’s sharing ecosystem, iBooks allows you to share all your books on all your family’s devices via iCloud. So much for your mobile reading. Troubleshooting readers in case of a reading craving. It won’t replace a good ebook reader, much more respectful of your eyes, or even…a good old paper book.

4. Aldiko Reader



Aldiko is another application that reaches the same line as Moon Reader to offer a refined and straightforward interface. An application that allows you to access the Feedbooks Store access books by Bram Stoker or Miguel de Unamuno and includes our own personalized book catalog. You have options such as day and night, changing the text size and margins by simply tapping the screen while reading.

Since the beginning, an Expert Android Application has been formed as another excellent alternative. You can import your epubs and pdfs with the application, although you can expect advertising within it. You can remove ads, get widgets, and the ability to highlight text and write notes in the epub files if you opt for the paid version.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about book apps.

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