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Regardless of where you stand on the smart home product spectrum, this year’s most popular tech gifts provide the latest in entertainment, assistance, and convenience. They’re also not all flashy. Consider a door that unlocks as you approach with groceries in your hands, lights you can control with your voice, and lawn care that you can manage from afar. Men, women, and even children will appreciate the home tech presents on our list. And if you find anything special for yourself while shopping, keep it a secret from us.

 Amazon Echo Plus With Its Built-in Voice Assistant

 Amazon Echo Plus With Its Built-in Voice Assistant
 Amazon Echo Plus With Its Built-in Voice Assistant

 With the all-new Amazon Echo Plus, Amazon’s voice assistant, you can make your home the smartest on the block. You can ask Alexa about the weather and play music—the excellent Dolby speakers make any audio sound great—but you can also control connected devices like smart lighting, thermostats, and door locks without lifting a finger. Thanks to her seven microphones, Alexa can hear you from any direction, even if music is playing. Indeed, a smart home.

 Rowenta Aqua Perfect Humidifier

 Seasonal illnesses don’t have to ruin your holiday celebrations. A stylish touch-operated humidifier that automatically changes its settings to your room’s temperature will soothe dry winter skin and stuffy sinuses. It’s easy to transport around the house because of the foldable handles.

The Fire TV Cube is a hands-free media player.

Grab some popcorn and settle in. The Amazon Fire TV Cube allows you to control your television with your voice. Search for movies and shows without lifting a finger, or ask it to play, pause, skip forward, or adjust the volume.

 Weber i-Grill Mini Grill Thermometer

 A gleaming new toy for the grill master eliminates guessing when it comes to grilling time. This Bluetooth-enabled thermometer sends you a notification via smartphone when your food is ready to eat, allowing you to spend less time watching the grill and more time enjoying your favorite grilling recipes.

August Locking System Connect + Smart Lock Pro

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 Today’s lock systems can provide you with more than just peace of mind; they can also assist you with your groceries. The “auto-unlock” feature detects your presence and unlocks the door when you approach. Two more reasons to adore this smart lock: It attaches to your deadbolt so you may improve your old lock (while keeping your keys), and you can offer temporary access to guests (like a dog walker or contractor) using digital keys.

 Arlo Technologies Security System: Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Camera

 Want to make sure your home is safe while you’re away? With an inconspicuous indoor/outdoor camera, you can keep an eye on package deliveries and people coming and going. This waterproof, wireless design saves battery life by recording only when motion is detected. Night vision is an added plus!

Notion The Smart Home Monitoring System

 Don’t let Notion’s diminutive size mislead you. Its small sensors, the size of Oreos, can detect water leaks, open doors, temperature changes, and sound alarms and send a warning to your phone.

We hope you enjoy the useful devices in this list. You can even add some to your Christmas wish list or plan on gifting some to your loved ones; they will make perfect gifts. And we believe you’ll agree with us that there are a plethora of cool products out there that can make your daily life easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable than you could have dreamed. Which of these gadgets do you want to own the most? Let us know what you think in the comments if you are willing to try them out…

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