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What Should We Expect From Apple In 2022

We’re only just a few days into 2022; however, the hype machine is already churning for a few months about Apple’s forthcoming product releases. Does the blend comprise three basic ingredients: the unavoidable, the conceivable, and the uhhhh maybe?

Evidence emerges throughout the year in the form of corporate whisperings, supply chain ties, calculated industry assessments, or, best of all, a mix of all of the above.

We keep our ears to the ground throughout the year, and here are the primary items we’re considering for 2022, listed approximately from most plausible to most outlandish.

The iPhone 14

It is, after all, the iPhone 14. This product launch is just as shaky as in September. The issue is, how will it be? The iPhone 14 is expected to have a significantly different design than prior iPhones, with major features believed to be a reduced front-screen notch (possibly a hole-punch design?) and the reintroduction of Touch ID with through-the-screen fingerprint scanning. But, for the time being, reports suggest that any genuinely revolutionary changes — such as a folding model or a portless iPhone — remain more than a year away.

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Apple Watch Series 8 (and friends)

Another year has passed, and another Apple Watch has been released. And, most likely, a significant overhaul. Many reports from relatively reliable sources pointed to a flat-edged makeover ahead of the Series 7 launch, but that didn’t happen in favor of a Series 7 that was…almost unaltered from the Series 6. Was Apple forced to forego a more ambitious overhaul in favor of something more modest due to supply chain issues? It’s hard to say, but the new, squared-off design looks like it’ll debut this year instead. There’s also talk of a more robust, sports-focused Apple Watch and an updated Apple Watch SE, both of which would make sense.

AirPods Pro 2

Apple will release a new version of its famous noise-canceling wireless earbuds, but the issue is how significant the changes will be. According to rumors, they’ll be able to support Apple Music’s lossless quality tier (ending the shame that none of Apple’s wireless headphones can currently). This is almost a foregone conclusion. There are also rumors that the design may be drastically altered, with the ‘pods losing their now-iconic stems. That remains to be seen, and it’s probably best thought of like a coin flip.

A redesigned MacBook Air

The MacBook Pro received significant improvements last year to make greater use of Apple’s new M-series CPUs, while the MacBook Air will not receive an M1 chip until late 2020. That means it’s overdue for a significant physical design upgrade that makes greater use of what M1 has to offer. At the absolute least, that implies “thinner and lighter” with reduced bezels. That’s in addition to Apple’s M-series chip’s next generation.

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New desktop Macs

Apple’s M-series updates haven’t been limited to laptops, and a few desktop models haven’t received a full update due to the transition. The M1-powered iMac was released in 2021. However, the arrival of Apple’s M1 Pro and Pro Max processors will see the iMac Pro, which was discontinued in March 2021, resurrected. Meanwhile, the Mac mini received the M-series treatment in 2020, but similar to the MacBook Air, with no outward modifications. As a result, a thinner, or at the very least revamped Mac mini appears to be on the cards. It’s both a logical approach and one hinted at by leaks.

New Apple monitors

Apple has relied on third-party vendors for a long time when it comes to external screens. Apple sells LG’s UltraFine 5K display if you’re searching for a monitor to go with your Mac mini. On the other hand, Apple introduced its first-party (and extremely pricey) Pro Display XDR in 2019. According to rumors, Apple is collaborating with LG to expand its display line-up to include three Apple-branded panels. It all makes sense!

Let us know in the comments what product are you willing to buy in 2022…

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