Is a Fitbit Worth Buying in 2021?

I know that the Fitbit craze goes back to 2007, but since we are at the peak of technological gadgets, let’s go back to this tracker that helped many of us but is still unknown to plenty. These devices help you with your health-related goals and help you make healthier changes in your lifestyle.

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Health Tracker

Features Of A Fitbit:

  • Monitoring heart rate
  • Fitness tracker
  • Timer
  • Sleep tracker
  • Stopwatch
  • Reminder to move
  • Swim-proof

The watch can work as a standalone, but pairing it with the Fitbit app is what allows the gadget to truly shine, even going as far as being able to track menstrual cycles, sleep stages, and other supplementary features. Here are some features that I found the most useful; 

The reminder to move is one of the best features. I have asked myself how a fitness tracker can be beneficial for an office worker; it is quite simple; the reminder to move will provide you with a light buzz on the wrist every 50 minutes if you have not moved. So this reminds you to take a little break and to go for a walk.

If you are someone who does not get enough sleep, the sleep tracker will help you know how much you’ve been sleeping and if there is ever some improvement.


The price is fairly good, it all depends on where you are buying it and the model you are choosing.

When it first launched, there was only one tracker model; now, there are nine different models that cost from $ 80 to $ 250. There are some websites where you can buy one for a lower price. They have also innovated their trackers into smartwatches as technology is a growing market; they have to evolve to be relevant.

My thoughts about the fitness tracker will not be the same as yours as we do not have the same expectations. Be cautious as calorie and steps counting can become very obsessive. Your fitness life will improve using a Fitbit but do not just buy one and put it away a few days later.

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Different Types Of Fitbit.

Compare Different Fitbits

Fitbit Sense


  • A battery life that lasts up to six days.
  • Supplementary sensors for health monitoring.


  • Most expensive of all the Fitbit models.
  • Lack of inclusion towards Apple Health as well as Google Fit.

Fitbit Charge 4


  • A battery life that lasts up to seven days.
  • Smartwatch features.


  • No screen color

Fitbit Luxe


  • Colour Screen
  • Stress monitor and analysis
  • Sync to Fitbit account both on smartphone and web.

What’s the difference between a Fitbit fitness tracker and a smartwatch?

Wearing both smartwatches and fitness trackers can help you stay connected, track your daily activities, and keep track of your progress in reaching your fitness goals. However, both types of devices have their differences, so you need to pick the most important features. The smaller screen of fitness trackers makes it more difficult to read and reply to messages than the larger screen of most smartwatches. As a result, they’re more focused on health and activity monitoring than on making sure you’re able to access your email on the go.

Some may say that fitness trackers are not worth the money. Still, I think that it can help if the user has bought it for data usage purposes since it will allow them to know whenever there has been any improvement or regression in their health journey—the data provided by the Fitbit allows them to know where they stand. Let us know in the comments what you think of fitness trackers…

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