Computer Screens

How to Choose Your Computer Screen

How to Choose Your Computer Screen


 – Different types of computer monitor

 – Computer screen: format, size, resolution, connectivity…

 – Computer screen: the criteria of choice

 Computer screen: how it works, choosing a computer screen, comparison

 Among the different peripherals of the computer, we count: the keyboard, the mouse, the PC camera, the printer, the USB key, the external hard drive but one of the most important is, of course, the computer screen.

 Different types of computer screens

Computer Screen

 LCD screens and liquid crystal displays have replaced cathode ray tube screens in recent years.

 These screens are thinner and lighter than the old CRT screens and have a better display quality and lower power consumption.

 There are also variants of LCD screens with the following:

 – Touch LCD: if you have a recent operating system, you can get a touch LCD,

 – LED: faster than the classic LCD, improved image quality, economical in power consumption. LED LCD screens are becoming more and more popular.

 Computer screen: format, size, resolution, connectivity…

 The computer screen can have different characteristics depending on the model chosen.

 Here are the different points of comparison of the computer screen:

 – Computer screen format: the LCD screens exist in different formats:

 ◦ 16/10th, 16/9th,

 ◦ 4/3, 5/3.

 – Resolution: there are also different types of resolution:

 ◦ 1280 × 1024,

 ◦ 1366 × 768,

 ◦ 1440 × 900,

 ◦ 1600 × 1200,

 ◦ 1600 × 900,

 ◦ 1680 × 1050,

 ◦ 1920 × 1200,

 ◦ 2048 × 1152,

 ◦ 2560 × 1600,

 ◦ 800 × 480.

 – Types of slabs: in LCDs, there are three types of slabs:

 ◦ TN: fastest slabs,

 ◦ VA (MVA and PVA): best for video display,

 ◦ S-IPS: best for viewing angle,

 – Connectivity: the screens sold can offer different types of connectivity, some even offering several modes of connection. 

The connections present on computer screens can thus be the following:

 ◦ D-Sub,

 ◦ DVI,

 ◦ HDMI,

 ◦ VGA.

 – Screen size: 17-inch screens tend to disappear in favor of 19-inch screens with comparable prices while offering better comfort. 

However, it will be necessary to choose large screens for specific uses. We find the following screen sizes:

 ◦ 19 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches,

 ◦ 26 inches, 27 inches, 28 inches.

 Computer screen: the criteria for choosing

Computer Screen

 To choose a computer screen, everything depends on your computer’s use: office, movies, games…

 Benefits of the computer screen

 When you want to buy a computer screen, it is essential to choose it according to your needs:

 – Office:

 ◦ For office use and surfing, you will not need to invest in a high-end screen,

 ◦ You can choose a 19 or 22-inch screen with a TN panel that will offer good value for money.

 – Movies, games, graphics:

 ◦ A minimum 24-inch screen will be recommended, with a PVA or IPS panel, minimal response time, but also low response time,

 ◦ It may also be nice to choose a 3D-compatible screen.

 Computer screen: the points of comparison

 Here are the various criteria for comparing a computer screen:

 – Resolution: the higher the display resolution, the more significant the amount of information displayed on the screen,

 – Response time:

 ◦ Response time will be most important for movies and games,

 ◦ This is the responsiveness of the computer screen. Therefore, for games and movies, you can choose a screen with a response time of 2ms.

 – Contrast: the higher the contrast offered by the screen, the deeper the blacks will be, which plays a lot for games and movies,

 – Viewing angle: the more the viewing angle is important, the more the user will have good vision even if he is not in front of the screen.

Types of computer screens: comparison

Screen size

Response time


Average price


Samsung 18.5″ LCD – Sync Master E1920N


5 ms



ASUS 19″ LCD – VH196D


5 ms



LG 21.5″ LCD – W2243S–PF


5 ms



Hyundai 22″ LCD – X224Wa+


5 ms



LG 22″ LED – E2240S–PN


5 ms



ASUS 23.6″ LCD – VH242T


5 ms



Samsung 27″ LCD – Sync Master P2770H


2 ms



View Sonic 27″ LCD – VX2739wm


1 ms



EIZO 30″ LCD – Flex Scan SX3031W


6 ms


3 500

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