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Ways to extend your battery’s life

I have a panic attack every time my phone or battery turns red because how will I ever live if it dies out on me. I know I’m being dramatic here but have you ever been to a function or family gathering, and your phone died? Do you know the patience and censor it takes to talk with your orthodox and republican family when you have a guttural reaction to all their hot takes that comes directly from Fox News? Let me tell you; it’s not fun. And especially with thanksgiving right around the corner, we have to deal with our ever so uncensored and unwoke relatives, so follow our guide on how to extend your phone’s or laptop’s battery life in order to stay tucked away safely in your corner on your phone as the millennium and Gen Z that we are. And, once in a while, call them out on their racist, queerphobic and misogynistic rhetoric and get back on your phone after educating them. So, without further ado, let’s get into the tips on how to extend your electronic device’s battery life.

1. Dim the screen


I think this is a pretty straightforward tip; your screen brightness doesn’t have to be all the way up except if you are my mom, who keeps her phone brightness all the way up for no apparent l reason. The higher the brightness is, the more it chips away at your battery. The optimal setting would be half the brightness of the regular setting, but with newer phones, you can keep the photo on auto-adjust, and it will adjust the brightness according to the environment where you are. But if you are a Gen Z like me, then your phone’s brightness is most likely already low.

2. Charge your phone smartly.


I know most of you charge your phone in your sleep because what’s a better time to charge it than when you are not using it. But this can be detrimental to your battery life in the long. It only takes a couple of hours for your phone to charge with a normal charger, and the rest of the time it stays plugged in will only hurt the battery and will deteriorate it over time if you continuously leave it plugged in after it has been fully charged. Alternately, you should also be aware of the charger you are using because a fast charging one will also impair your battery in the long run. Only use the fast charging cable when you are in a rush and use the normal one when you have time to charge your phone. This is why your phone comes with a normal charger when you buy it; it is better for your battery life even if it takes its sweet time to charge.

3. Turn off apps and functions when you are not using them


I feel like this is a given, but most people don’t do this out of sheer laziness or because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of switching the wifi or Bluetooth on and off again every time you need it. Every time you leave your home or the office and don’t need the wifi or Bluetooth, disconnect them because this will try to find a new connection, and this will wear your battery life quicker. Whenever you don’t need the Bluetooth for your earphones, just toggle it off, you will thank me later because this will help your phone function better in the long run. And, let’s be real here, this won’t take more than 5 seconds to do because both the wifi and Bluetooth are found on the quick setting menu of most phones nowadays, and you should make use of this.

You need to use your electronic device smartly, and I know most of us default to using our phones whenever we are bored and have nothing to do but by following these easy steps, you can extend your phone’s battery life. Sound off in the comments section below if you too have a panic attack every time your phone dies out and feel like you are out of your comfort zone.

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