7 Key Elements of A Well-Designed Website

When it comes to setting up a business, a well-designed website is now integral to driving target customers, promoting the business, and building a brand identity. In today’s highly competitive world of business, every company is looking to promote its products or services on the Internet.

However, a casually designed website is simply not going to cut the mustard. This is because a website that is not designed well fails to give a pleasant experience to its users. If a user finds navigating through your pages a complex and unengaging exercise, your site will suffer as the user will migrate to the other well-designed sites.

Let’s look at some key features of a well-designed website:

Ensures Search Engine Optimization

Another reason why your business should have a well-designed website is related to search engine optimization. If your website is ill-designed, its chances of appearing at the top search result pages are minimal. A professionally created website also has its on-page SEO basics in place so that the search engine can crawl the pages, which makes for quicker loading times. Even if you create a social media page, it should be SEO-friendly for your business promotion.

Easy To Navigate

Navigation is an essential feature of any website when users want to visit different pages to access information. A typical business website has many pages. For a user, it is not easy to manually go to each page from a difficult route. But developed and modern navigation helps users explore the entire site with ease from one page.

But the navigational system should need not to be exciting and state of the art. All you should ask your graphic designer for the website is to create simple but unique and intuitive navigation.

Well Designed Website2


A website is first of all a visual medium. This means that a user sees the things on a web page to get an impression of a business. Typography is a key element of a well-designed website. The customers can identify a business from its competitors by seeing the fonts. As per the new trend, designers are using large fonts to draw the attention. A good website can give subtle hints about what your company does and what it stands for. So, just by using the proper typeface, you can convey if your business is formal or informal for the users.


Colours express emotions. A smart web designer knows how to evoke the desired emotions with the right set of colours. For example, red signals that the company and business are in something exciting and passionate. Fast food companies usually have red on their websites and even logo design as it expresses youthful energy and passion.

When choosing a typeface and colour for your website design, it is essential to consider your brand message and brand personality. Your users and customers must get your message of business by looking at these elements. However, avoid excessive use of typeface and colours as the emphasis should be to create a simple site. A cluttered page does not look nice. It confuses the users and customers. So, keep the pages clean and simple.

Semi-Flat Design

Flat design has been a key element of most website designs for last many years. It is a type of design that avoids giving any perception of being a three-dimensional design. For example, shadows are avoided in such a design. Flat designs are simple for the users to understand. It also helps a website load quickly as there are no technical elements involved.

However, some designers now use a subtle hint of dimensions and shadows. So, the flat design of old has now evolved into a more modern semi-flat design. Semi-flat design lets your visitors grasp content instantly, and some elements of depth are included to bring the design to life. You can use this design element in creating your home page and product pages.

Big Product Images

If your website sells products or it is a B2B website, then incorporating big product images are key good web design ideas. The site owners use these images to showcase different features of a product. This gives the buyers a sense of the usefulness of the product. Typically, there is a giant image of a product at the top of such a website. When you scroll down, you find many other images of the same products that show its different features. Many such images are conducive to better user experience.

Well Designed Website3

Card Designs

Card designs are also among the most sought-after elements of a well-designed website. Many sites such as Pinterest are solely based on card designs. This helps distribute and show information in a visual manner to the users so that they can get the content in small bite-sized pieces. The users can also choose the content from the card and expend it for further reading. This design also keeps your homepage organized and clean. Give a thought to card design when you explore different graphic design ideas for your website.

So, these are some of the basics to understand the importance of a well-designed website and the elements required to design to make it user-friendly. It is clear that the site is a visual medium that involves careful selection of colours, typefaces and other such elements.

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